On 9th of May 2017, Ardhi University (ARU) received the visit of a group of Students from University College London currently undertaking their field research within the Development Planning Unit Masters Program. The field trip is coordinated by the Centre for Community Initiatives (CCI) which together with the Tanzania Urban Poor Federation provides technical assistance to communities living in informal settlements. To kick off the meeting, the students presented early findings on Housing, Solid Waste Management and Flooding, which was followed by comments from ARU staff including Prof. Kris Wernstedt. Following the first round of exchanges,  Prof. Kyessi, Dr. Nathalie Jean-Baptiste and Prof. Kombe gave three presentations based on the extensive research conducted at the Institute of Human Settlements Studies.

The students comprising of 24 nationalities engaged enthusiastically with the University staff. After visiting several neighborhoods and interviewing different stakeholders, they were keen to know the role of ARU scholars in shaping policies and developing strategies for a more sustainable growth and robust infrastructure. This visit prompted several ideas on the challenges and opportunities for research in Tanzania.